11th February 2020 at 10 am at Technology Park Ljubljana

 The challenge of transitioning to a carbon-neutral society requires the transition to circular business models, innovative use of renewable energies and – more innovation. Circular Business Academy (CBA) is here to support firms in their business model transformation to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable society overall.

Organisers: Public Scholarship Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, Technology Park Ljubljana and Gm, the holder of the Circular Business Academy (CBA) invite you to the introductory event CIRCULAR DEMO DAY with the presentation of CBA, combined with the presentation of the Interreg – Alpine Space – project CIRCULAR4.0, which will be held on 11th February 2020 at 10 am at 10 am at Technology Park Ljubljana.

At the meeting, we will present the CBA 2020 Programme and the Circular Assessment Score (CAS), which we intend to use in the Circular4.0 project. See here for more details on CAS.

The Circular4.0 project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Alpine Space Interreg programme and represents an opportunity to transfer knowledge across the European Regional Area to accelerate the transformation of business models from linear to circular. Therefore, it is an excellent practical demonstration of the extensive development context of circular transformation.

Participation is free of charge, registration is needed.

Please, confirm your presence by e-mail to:

(Dogodek poteka v slovenskem jeziku)

9.30 Prihod udeležencev, kava
10:00 Pozdrav in uvod Jernej Pintar, direktor, TP LJ Vladimir Milovanovič, Sklad za kadre
10:15 Predstavitev programa »Circular Business Academy« 2020 Jurij Giacomelli, Gm, CBA
10.30 Predstavitev večmodularnega ciklusa usposabljanja CBA »Full Track«
10:45 Predstavitev Circularity Assessment
11:00 Projekt Circular 4.0 Aleš Pevc, projektni vodja
11:30 Q&A
12:00 Zaključek programa in druženje