Investing in early-stage circular businesses

Thursday, 21 November 2019, 9:00 – 14:00

Seminar Summary

Circular Business Academy presented the second Circular Opportunity Day  with a seminar on “Investing in early-stage circular businesses”.

Niko Kumar, founder and managing director of Valtex presented their innovative approach and how a circular idea can become a success story.

Gilles Le Cocguen from Bpifrance elaborated on the approach of France’s development bank to the innovative business ecosystem both in France as well as abroad, and the relevance sustainable businesses will have for the future. He exemplified how circular business models can be accompanied and their commitments strengthened by services offered through EuroQuity.

Borut Kocič from SID Banka spoke about investing in sustainable circular concepts in Slovenia, evaluating the economic and sustainable viability of circular business concepts and financial instruments that can be combined for their support.

Jure Zadravec from Resalta d.o.o. and Dejan Lešnik from DS Meritve d.o.o. added with practical examples of benefiting the environment by placing smart solutions for improving energy efficiency and energy savings.

The roundtable debate with all the speakers, joined by Dragica Marinič, the Coordinator of the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership for Circular Economy, concluded the event by answering questions from the public. 

Seminar Materials

Programme of the seminar
“Investing in early-stage circular businesses”

Presentations of the speakers:
Jurij Giacomelli, Founder and managing director, Gm
Challenges of investing in circular business models

Niko Kumar, Founder and managing director, Valtex
Case Study: “Valtex accelerating municipal material flow cycles”

Gilles Le Cocguen, Head of EuroQuity at  Bpi France
Key-note I: “Investing in sustainable and circular business models: Our experience with angel investments and best practice examples”

Borut Kocič, Director for corporate banking, SID Banka
Key-note II: “Investing in sustainable and circular business models: the Slovenian experience”

Aleš Pevc, Project management consultant, Technology Park Ljubljana
Project presentation: “Circular4.0 – building bridges between circular economy and industry 4.0”

Jure Zadravec, Head of ventures, Resalta d.o.o.
“Investing in sustainability – the case of Resalta”


Investment is co-financed by the Republic Slovenia and the EU under European Regional Development Fund.