Investment Readiness Seminar I

Investment Readiness Seminar I

The Full Circular Business Academy Track is a multi-modular course intended for senior professionals focusing on corporate transformations from linear to circular business models.

We help participants and their organisations understand the opportunities and risks as well as the design tranformation processes in their respective organisations and equip them with the necessary tools to cope with the implementation challenges.

We take into account technological, systemic and societal dynamics but also the complexity of stakeholder relationships in the alternating cultural context.

We assist participants to overcome specific obstacles they face by designing their own circular transformation plan and by accompanying them on their circular transformation journey.

Programme scheme

MODULE 0   Circular economy – an introduction („open days“)

MODULE 1 Circular as a business – redesigning business models

MODULE 2Circular transformation conceptualisation

MODULE 3 Circular leadership tools

MODULE 4 → Circular transition financing & investing

Study visit (optional)

Closing ceremony and certification awarding

Preparation (Module 0)

Initial module contains the following steps:

Selection of participants

-Identification of participants‘ needs in a bassis of the Full CAS (Full Circularity Assessment Score)

Identification and framing of each participantsor participating organisation‘s pilot project or the field of exploration of the circular transformation

-Programme adaptation to the participants‘ needs and to the organisations where they come from.

Programme contents

Module 1: Challenges and tools of business model transformation:

-Business model potential and organisaitonal commitment

– Module 2: 10-step circular transformation journey:

Designing the programme.

– Module 3: Refining the transformation programme:

-Appying the transformation tools.

Module 4: Circular financing and investment readiness

-Fundraising, adapting the financial function, planning and control

– Final presentation to potential invstors and business partner

Mentoring and advisory

Upon participants‘ request in-company workshops are designed to transfer best practices and industry-specific topics.

Mentoring and coaching programmes are designed and carried out by Faculty members and selected circular expert practitioners to support the finalisation and implementation of the pilot project within the participating organisation.

Time frame

-Spring application deadline: 20th March 2020

-Module 0: 26-27 March 2020

– Autumn application deadline:25 August 2020

Tuition fee

Full participation (5-modules) together with Full CAS assessment and final presentation:

  – $ 850 per participant

  – each subsequent participant: 10% discount

A minimum number of participants: 16



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