Operators Training Course (OTC)

16th and 18th March 2021


The Operators Training Course (OTC) is an essential part of the Interreg Alpine Space Circular 4.0 training process. It aims to enable the operators of the Circularity Acceleration Training courses 4.0 to actually implement them at the level of individual regions of the Alpine space, taking into account the actual needs of the SMEs in each particular region.

The OTC is implemented in each region to attune the Circularity Acceleration Training course 4.0 to the needs of the SMEs in their respective environment (region, country). This way the transformation processes in participating SMEs can be effective and can result in an increase in circular business model potential and in their commitments to the circular transformation.

This OTC is co-organised by the Circular Business Academy (Gm), SRIP ToP run by the Institute Jožef Stefan, and the Tehnološki park Ljubljana. It is for designated Operators only.

We encourage Operators to also register for the Circularity Acceleration Training 4.0 (CAT4.0), in order to gain insights into the practical implementation of this course.

Programme of the Circularity Acceleration Training 4.0

Part 1: 16th March, 15.00 – 18.00
15.00  Opening of the course

15.10   Matching trainers’ competencies with with the needs of participating SMEs
15.20  Q&A

15.30  Challenges and opportunities of the circular transformation
16.30  Using the Circularity Assessment Score (CAS)
17.30  Digital Maturity Assessment
18.00  End of OTC Part 1

Part 2: 18th March, 15.00 – 18.00
15.00 Selecting a circular transformation focus area and a pilot project

16.00 Acquaintance with the Circularity Acceleration Training course 4.0 (CAT4.0)
17.00 Circular 4.0 training platform and tools
17.30 Q&A
18.00  End OTC Part 2 

Conference materials

Recordings of the seminars


Projekt Circular4.0 sofinancira Evropski regionalni sklad preko programa Interreg Območje Alp.
Circular4.0 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme.