6th May 2020 from 15.00 to 16.30

CBA Webinar Outline

The focus of the webinar was on the challenges that circular transformation and development of circular business models face. We dealt with different perspectives in a methodological way: What are the challenges and particularities from the point of view of companies, banks and private investors? How do the pandemic and global economic repercussions influence financing of circular opportunities?

We got to know the Circularity Assessment Score tool (or CAS), which helps the companies in defining their level of circularity and the type of a business model from the point of departure in managing risks and searching for the most appropriate forms of financing.

You can access the CAS questionnaire here and request your Quick Circularity Assessment Report.

Programme and Speakers: 

  • Introduction: Violeta Bulc, MSc, former European Comisioner for transport (2014-2019) with ample entrepreneurial experience and progressive views (presentation available here)

  • Methodologic overview, presentation of the Circular Assessment Score (CAS) and moderation of the event: Jurij Giacomelli, MSc, Founder and Managing Director of Giacomelli Media Ltd, carrier of Circular Business Academy (presentation available here)

  • Overview of the current situation for companies from the point of view of the banking sector: Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo, MSc, director of the Bank Association of Slovenia (ZBS) (presentation available here)

  • Understanding of risks in introducing circular models: Slaven Mičković, PhD, Abanka.

  • Circular Economy in times of COVID-19 pandemic: Dragica Marinič, PhD, coordinator of SRIP –  Networks for the transition into circular economy. 

The full recording of the webinar can be accessed here.  

Seminar Materials

Jurij Giacomelli, Founder and managing director, Gm:
Financiranje krožnih poslovnih modelov v času pandemije

Mag.Violeta Bulc
Pandemija, trajnostni razvoj in odpornost

Mag. Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo
Pregled ukrepov in vloge bančnega sistema