Next challenge: Circularity, 3rd October 2023

Join us in Sežana on 3rd October 2023 in Sežana at the event titled Next Challenge: Circularity where we will address the challenge of increasing circularity in companies and ecosystems, while showcasing opportunities offered by all of the co-organisers in their respective target areas.

The event will spotlight experiences from major companies and exemplify impactful decisions, driving the transition to a circular economy. Additionally, we will introduce an initiative to accelerate circular and sustainable practices, aiming to engage existing and new actors for collective progress

The meeting is open to all circular innovators. The primary target groups are:

  • Innovative start-ups working on circular technologies and solutions,
  • Research and innovation teams developing solutions with high circularity potential,
  • Early investors in such solutions and technologies; and
  • SMEs and large companies, in particular their management and research and innovation units, working on circular innovation and incubation projects.

We also welcome other participants, including researchers, representatives of the support ecosystem and independent experts and advisors from the private and public sectors working on the challenge of the transition to a circular economy.

Why attend?

Find out more about the circular challenges and opportunities in their respective cross-border business environment, and learn about specific good practices and emerging examples.

The event is an opportunity for early applications to programmes and services related to sustainability issues provided by the organisers.

When and where do we meet?

The event will take place on Tuesday, 3rd October 2023 from 9.00 am at the premises of Inkubator Sežana (Kraška ulica 2, 6210 Sežana, Slovenia)


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9.00 Registration and coffee
9.30 Sustainable innovation and circularity for the innovation ecosystem, Dorijan Maršič, Director, Incubator Sežana
10.00 CBA PowerTalk: The challenge of increasing circularity for companies and ecosystems
Moderator: Juri Giacomelli, CBA Faculty Manager, META Circularity
11.00 Break
11.20 Involving innovators in our circularity efforts, Edi Kraus, former CEO, AquafilSLO
11.45 Investing in sustainable and circular innovation, Diego Bravar, Founder of BIO Valley
12.10 Circular frontrunners, Limestone Centre, Sežana
12.40 Panel discussion
13.05 Conclusions
13.15 Buffet lunch
14.15 Closing of the event 

Our Partners

Inkubator Sežana
Since 1991, Inkubator d. o. o. Sežana has been providing services to support business and development in the local and regional environment, building an innovative business ecosystem. Incubator Sežana helps young talents, entrepreneurs and startups to develop and evaluate their ideas, advise them on starting a business, developing business models, penetrating new markets, and offers mentoring and consulting in product development, process organization, promotion, communication, marketing and more.

BIC Incubatori FVG
BIC is a certified business incubator that hosts startup companies for initial trials, evaluating the idea’s worth and the ability to bring it to fruition, and the growth and training of management and the enterprise itself. It is an integrated system of services, a “conduit for entrepreneurship” and for providing professionalism, support, ideas, and help. It is a modern instrument to support entrepreneurial creativity on the part of those who believe and are ready to invest in technologically advanced companies, in innovations that will bear fruit in the coming years,   and in the new markets and opportunities that are opening up in the world.

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