First projects successfully submitted to the CircularInvest initiative!

Circular invest is a new project development initiative supported by the EU comission to assist circular cities and regions initiative with the implementation of the circular investment projects across europe. Projects between 2-20M EUR will get professional advisory support to assist with the »investment ready« circular projects.

Circular Invest will help cities and regions put circular strategies into action by removing obstacles and closing the gap between circular economy project promoters and investors. The instrument is promoted through the CBA network through and was presented during a dedicated workshop on the organised in cooperation with the Technology Park Ljubljana. It is aimed at helping projects promoters with the circularity optimisation, fundraising and business plans development i.e. “investment-ready” projects for projects between 2-20 MEUR that have significant impacts on cities and regions.

Meta Circularity and CBA guided project applicants from Slovenia through a dedicated workshop on the 16th of June where circularity principles and business models were explained and the purpose of the new instrument to assist the applicants with the application. Projects promotors from energy sector, marine biology, cultural tourism, agri-food, waste management and textile recycling were further on assisted 1:1 with defining their circular projects and with the on-line application process.

CBA and META Circularity will continue to offer support to all prosperous applicants also in the second application round due at the end of October. Selected applicants will receive assistance with services such as circularity assessments, preparing investors pitch deck, business, and IP strategy to increase investment readiness of the projects and thus accelerate transition to circular economy.

Contact us for more details about the new instrument managed by our prominent partners META Group, INOVA +, ICCLEI and CIRCLE Economy. Don’t miss your next opportunity to get your circular project funded and apply for assistance during second round at the end of October!

More information about the new Circular Invest instrument:

META Circularity staff is available for further information, consultation and assistance with the application. Your chance to turn your city/region circular and win a free investment readiness support is now!

Testimonials from clients

Savinja Development Agency is very greatful for a professional assistance offered to us by the Circular Business Academy practioners with the aplication to the Circular Invest call with our project Renovation of the Ancient Necropolis Archaeological Park in Šempeter in Savinja Valley. The remnants of the almost 2000 years old roman cemetery allong the roman pathway Aquilea-Emona-Celeia-Poetovio is to be restored into a new cultural attraction of the Savinja region in Slovenia. The project will revitalise the Šempeter Archaeological Park based on the principles of the circular economy that were helped to be defined by the CBA in accordance with the EU Categorisation System for the Circular Economy as well as with defining the KPIs in relation to the SDGs such as use of new materials, renewable energy sources – solar power plant, reduced use of energy consumption, low carbon footprint, accessibility for visitors) and ensure the sustainable protection of the world-class ancient monument.

Illustration of the Šempeter Archaeological Park’s management areas:


We thank CBA for their guidance through the sustainability and circularity management issues of this unique cultural site and for assistance offered with creating a viable business model around it. We appreciate that CBA was generously sharing the information about this new Circular Invest instrument and for their guidance and free support with making the local cultural tourism development project application for the investment ready project with the help of the Circular Invest programme!

Sara Vombek in Alenka Doler, Savinja DA


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