The Challenges of Circular Transformation: The Case of Skaza

8th November 2019, 9:00 – 15:00

Seminar Summary

The first Circular Opportunity Day on 8th November 2019 inaugurated the Circular Business Academy with a seminar and workshop tackling “The challenges of circular transformation”.

The seminar kicked-off with a presentation on circular economy regulation and organization on the national level by Dragica Marinič, the Coordinator of the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership for Circular Economy (SRIP). Followed by an outline by Bart Stegeman, the CEO of Plastika Skaza, of the company’s specific challenges on their road to circularity, which served as the case for practical workshop.

Jasna Suhadolc, the Founder and Managing Director of Actuado, elaborated on the importance of engaging and communicating effectively with stakeholders, in particular for a topic such as sustainability and circularity. Janez Križan, Director of new business development & innovation of A1, sketched our smart and circular future and how A1 is moving towards circularity by employing emerging technologies.

Christiaan Kraaijenhagen, expert consultant on circular transformation from Innoboost, introduced new business frameworks and deployed tools to support companies transitioning from linear to a circular business model, which were applied on a real-life business case of Plastika Skaza. The workshop exercises were aimed at rethinking product design, manufacturing processes and how to approach these new concepts through collaboration. Kraaijenhagen explained that a company has to examine its system, identify all of the stakeholders and prepare to collaborate with them in a much more extensive manner.


Investment is co-financed by the Republic Slovenia and the EU under European Regional Development Fund.