Sustainable financing and circular business models for new growth

Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 8:30 – 15:45

Summary of the conference

Parallel with the announcement European new Green Deal by the European Commissions, Circular Business Academy held a conference on sustainable financing, emphasizing the importance of circular economic for the change towards a sustainable society and the role the financial sector has to contribute.

This conference was aimed at bankers and investors, conscious of the importance of securing financing for transformation of the economy as a way to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability of our way of life. The central focus of the conference was the development and application of evaluation models for assessing circularity of companies. The utility of further tools for assessment, such as sustainable reporting and the concept of corporate social responsibility has also been presented.

In the introductory part of the conference, the participants heard about the strategy of sustainable development and the regulatory framework of sustainable financing. Following the theoretical elaborations, a sequence of best practice examples has been shared by the representatives of three slovenian companies which have already embarked on their circular transformation journey: AquafilSLO, Iskraemeco and Plastika Skaza.

The conference was organized by Bank Association of Slovenia and Gm in cooperation with SRIP – Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership for Circular Economy – Circular Economy. It was the last event of the Circular Opportunity Days 2019. 

Read the press release (in Slovenian).

Conference materials

Programme of the conference
Sustainable financing and circular business models for new growth

Presentations of the speakers:

I. Banking in the context of sustainable development

Banking in the context of sustainable development
Mag. Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo, M.I.A., Managing Director of Bank Association of Slovenia

Challenges of the Transition to the Sustainable and Circular Economy, Opportunities for Increasing the Competitiveness of the European Economy and the Role of Banks
Mag. Jurij Giacomelli, Founder and managing director, Gm

Financing Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy
Sibil Svilan,MSC., President of the Management Board of SID banka d.d.

Session II: Aspects of a Systemic Transition

Sustainable Development in the Context of Global Trends – Strategy of the EU and of the Republic of Slovenia
Mag. Janja Kreitmayer McKenzie, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

The Role of the Financial Sector and Development Banks in Promoting Green Financing and Circular Business Models
Francesco Ferrero, Head of EIB Group Ljubljana Office, European Investment Bank

Session III: Developing Approaches to Assessing Circularity

Sustainability reporting and circular economy
Karin Huber Heim, MSc., Csr&Communication

Presenting a Model for Assessing Circularity Potential of SID Bank Clients
dr. Damjan Kozamernik, SID banka

How Banks Identify the Sustainability of a Business Concept
dr. Slaven Mičković, Expert for Risk Management, Abanka

Session IV: Circular Transformation in Practice – Best Practices from European and Slovenian Companies Business Cases of Circular Transformation

The case of Aquafil SLO
Edi Kraus, President of the Management Board, Aquafil SLO d.o.o.

The case of Iskraemeco
Mojca Markizeti, Sustainability Manager, Iskraemeco d.d.

The case of Plastika Skaza
dr. Branka Viltužnik, Head of research and innovation, Plastika Skaza d.o.o.


Dogodek je sofinanciran s strani Republike Slovenije in Evropske unije iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj.
The event is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU under European Regional Development Fund.