Summer. Morning. 5 AM. 2020. Sunrise. The sunlight strakes the house on the hill with the view on the city, with the steel factory SIJ METAL RAVNE underneath. Extreme noise, dust and toxic gases from the steel production emit direct into the living environment. Unbelievable, we are living in the 21 st century, not at the beginning of the industrial age. Science 1991; already 29 years of extreme pollution with unhealthy emissions directly into the living area. The people in the factory built metallurgical devices with extreme emissions near to the house ‘Zavodnik’, regardless on the extreme emissions and the basic human rights to have the right to live in the healthy environment. 24/7 exposed to the unhealthy emissions just because some people without any ECO or human responsibility built such devices, under their ‘EGO’ perspective as they are alone on the planet earth. People without any knowledge and awareness? What is in their mind that they still produce the steel under such an extreme pollution, destroying the environment, health and the lives of the people living in this polluted area, regardless, we/people were here before they built their devastated devices. They will never harm themselves as they do this regularly day after day to us. The state does nothing. European Union does nothing. They forbade them to operate with the devices 1992, after we complain against pollution 1991, yet they did nothing to really stop such a production. EGO vs. ECO, people, who works in the factory are above any Slovenian or EU law.

Standing in front of the window at the balcony, I take out of my pocket the smartphone with the app named ‘Eco-Hologram’. I push on the button with the view on the pollution. Hologram appears. The noise, dust and the toxic gases begin to transform. Metallurgical devices disappear. The green area arises. Hi Tech glass building with the park, hydrogen and electric cars. Instead of dusty workers the clean educated people with the smile on their faces. The River Meža in between is making a small lake. Toxic industry, as it was, is shown on the billboard, as a WARNING, how the previous generations were destroying the area and the health of the people, who died much younger as they should, because of the ‘dirty money’ of a few ‘company leaders’ and ‘politicians’. Now the people living with the ‘happy money’, to know, nobody harms their lives anymore. ECO over EGO finally win after such terrible violence over the nature and lives of the people.

Awareness of the people and the institutions, which have to do with health and environment, should increase asap. It should change here and now, during our lives, not after we will die. Talking about the ‘Ecocivilisation’ is not enough. Those, with the awareness, should immediately stop the destroying of human lives with the pollution like noise, dust, toxic gasses, as it happens 24/7 at Ravne na Koroškem, in the middle of Europe, to sadly shows us, we are actually living here as in the third world, without any human rights concerning health and environment.

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