It is great to hear that more of us are dreaming

It is great to hear that more of us are dreaming.

10th April 2020

Dear Jurij,

 As always, your questions are anything but trivial. But you are right, let us start writing. We need to find the right language to communicate big ideas in understandable and clear messages, as simply as possible. I believe if the idea is right there should be a way to explain it in simple terms. J

In these strange days my thoughts keep coming back to ECO-CIVILISATION. So, you are not the only one dreaming…! I am convinced that your dream needs a proper narrative, so we can share it and start living it as a new reality, day by day.

It is great to hear that more of us are dreaming. You know what John Lennon said: “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

And you are right. Let’s put together a narrative first, then share it, and then learn how to live it, at least in a brotherly sense… I have been reshaping my life to do the best I can to live my dreams for years already J.

I published my first article about eco-civilisation in 2013. I got really excited about the concept after joining the International System Science Society board for the organisation of a global conference entitled “Eco-Civilisation for a Trivable Planet” in Vietnam. Those were really exciting times. A lot of new concepts were introduced and my mind has been hooked on this dream ever since. We continue to explore the topic within the InCo movement, run from Slovenia. You were also part of it. Do you remember?

Life happened in between, but I have never given up on the concept. After my mandate as European Commissioner, and now with the virus crisis, I have had time to start exploring the concepts again and take them even further with my enriched experiences from European and global politics.

Please tell the story that begins with relationships and travels through beings towards society. What has consciousness got to do with it? Why, then, do we land on “land” to become an ECO-CIVILISATION?

So, now I am even more convinced that a new civilisation is around the corner. I am part of a global movement that has no name, no leader, no coordinated actions. It is coming from within. More and more of us are feeling it, sensing it, acting upon our inner calling. We know that it is time to live differently. To be more connected to the living world around us. To be in balance with the Planet, the Universe, with ourselves and our fellow humans.

Here I share with you my view of why and how the new civilisation might organise itself, what its new priorities could be, and what could be the essence of it. I am fully aware of my limitations. I humbly hope that it could be good material for a broader global discussion. I would also like to acknowledge all the inspiring people that I have had the privilege to meet, or to read their work, because they have all contributed to what is in front of you.

I feel the new civilisation has a clear mission: firstly, to create Planet Earth as an eco-zone of the Universe with its rich biodiversity at its core. Secondly, to populate the Universe by using technology, curiosity, and greatness to drive it.




The major change in the organisation of eco-civilisation is going to be our deep understanding that we are part of a common shared space, within the same shared consciousness. Consequently, the structures are system-based and in the form of networks which foster relationship-based society. The concept of competition is stepping aside to give way towards infinite collaboration, where the only principle is that the collaboration never ends.

The basic entities of eco civilisation are: beings with clear purpose, land with a richness of resources, society with deep collaboration networks, consciousness with ever-evolving levels of awareness, and relationships with content that keeps them in an active state.

All of the entities have their own unique path of evolution, their own behaviour, purpose and dreams. Yet, they are all deeply inter-related, connected by their dependencies, content, properties and projects.

We no longer focus on tools, as in the past, where economy, security, education, art, science, and similar were the focus. In the past we worried about GDP instead of well-being, we worried about the value of our currencies instead of people, we developed economic systems instead of societies.



Eco-civilisation uses functions as tools, properties of relationships that are focused on the evolution of the basic entities: beings, land, society, consciousness.  So, functions become dynamic structures, re-adjusting to the needs of those entities. For example, if humans are active in thinking environments with innovation as a driving force, education should help humans to develop the competences needed to unleash their creative and innovative potentials, and not the competences for a work environment focused on productivity.

Can you relate to what I am saying?


What distinguishes this journey from our current lives? What happens at each of the stops on this journey?

What distinguishes this journey from our current lives? Perspective, priorities, driving content. People, planet, land, consciousness come first and, based on the needs of these entities, relationships are developed that suit those needs, e.g. education, economy, science, finance, rules.

Here are some moves that are encouraged by the eco-civilisation philosophy:
from ego to eco; from competition to collaboration; from capital growth to organic growth; from hierarchy to networks; from profits to shared value; from crematism to care; from functions to entities and relationships; from static structures to dynamic networks.
How do you feel about them?

It seems to me that this is a voyage that everyone should consciously undertake. And yet, we should travel together, in a connected way…

I have a dream that I live in an eco-civilisation. I have a dream and I walk the path. Many small steps have been taken; thoughts challenged. But we are almost there. Can you feel it? Look around. It is there, whispering to your heart. Do not be afraid, you are not alone. Keep walking, keep smiling, keep connecting with the deepest parts of yourself. There is the truth, there is love, there is the joy and compassion, there is the respect for what is emerging. Let us keep walking…Together.

Kind Regards, J.

Osti Jarej, Violeta

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