Imagining the Ecocivilisation:
Health - Communities - Individuum -
What economy after "growth"

CBA Talks Series

A three-part webinar cycle of the Circular Business Academy
Wednesdays, 16th & 23rd September, 21st October & 4th November and 18th & 25th November 2020

Outline & Schedule

If we want to understand where we are going as a global civilisation and get out of the societal crises rooted in the overexploitation of Earth’s resources and currently exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, it is not enough to define the targets of sustainability and push towards them. Understanding the extent of C02 emissions reductions just as well as other civilisational targets, captured by the SDG’s concept, encourage us to reach out to ambitions like the level of literacy or equality and life expectancy we would like to achieve, apart from the environmental sustainability targets.

The SDG’s definitely pinpoint a holistic societal transformation. Therefore, a shared understanding of a more integral concept could get more people involved and motivated to active themselves to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive society. Imagining where we are headed can help us all to distinguish the right moves from the wrong ones on our pathway into the future. The Ecocivilisation, a concept initiated by Violeta Bulc that represents a desired destination of such transformative endavour, still needs to be fully imagined, described and understood.

First, we must all be able to engage in innovative solutions that contribute to transformations at multiple levels, namely systemic, business and cultural. It is important to be able to clearly understand our common goals and to imagine our common destination. This way we can increase the proactive engagement of citizens as voters and taxpayers, as professionals, experts, businesspeople or as family members, students or mentors of all sorts. A broad and active participation is needed in order for Ecocivilisation to thrive.

The exercise aims at a common understanding of the future, explaining the paths to go and metamorphoses we are going through on our voyage. In autumn 2020 we continue with three areas health; communities; and individuum. Together, with our interlocutors and expert panellists we will visualise and clarify several relevant dimensions of this phenomenon.

Violeta Bulc, former EU Commissioner for Transport, entrepreneur, manager, advisor, and lecturer co-creates the CBA Talks on Ecocivilisation as the author of a comprehensive interpretation of this concept. Violeta contributes an introduction and her reflections during the debates. She provides a wrap up speech of the autumn part of the Ecocivilisation cycle.

This webinar cycle is supported by the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for HR development.


(1) Towards the Ecocivilisation (Part IV): Health

Ecocivilisation: Health through the Ecocivilisation concept

Wednesday 16th& 23rd September at 15.00

In our first session we will explore the concept of the Ecocivilisation with a focus on health as a field with a significant potential to contribute to sustainability. We will debate new threats and opportunities that got evoked in the current epidemic and how can we as a society adapt to the situation. Can the Covid-19 epidemic possibly necessitate a paradigm shift in public and global health policies?

These and more questions will be debated by our speakers:

Margaret Hannah, Fellow of Faculty of Public Health (UK) and author of a book titled Humanising Healthcare: Patterns of Hope for a System Under Strain. With over 30 years of experience in the NHS, specialising in Public Health, Margaret has a passion for innovation and development for population health and wellbeing. Currently working with International Futures Forum, Margaret supports others to undertake transformative innovations in health and wellbeing.

Bret Hart, Upstream health physician at Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Service (PAMS), will claim Western medicine is un-sustainable with the COVID-19 challenge highlighting overdue opportunities for change. He will take us on a journey to try to find answers for shaping a healthier future.

Barbara Hrovatin, a medical doctor with experiences in general practice, pharmaceutical development and education. In recent years, she is dedicated to research in medical anthropology, exploring understandings of healing in biomedicine. In our time of Anthropocene and foregrounded technological solutions she wishes to contribute to creative transdisciplinary collaboration opening reflections on the goals of medicine and building whole person care as an integral part of sustainable, thriving society.

The debate will take some 90 minutes including the initial presentation by Violeta Bulc, former EU Commissioner for Transport, entrepreneur, manager, advisor, lecturer and author of the concept, followed by comment and reflections by your side and other participants. The last 15 minutes will be dedicated to a Q&A session.


(2) Towards the Ecocivilisation (Part V): Communities


Wednesday 21st October & 4th November at 15.00

(To be elaborated.)


(3) Towards the Ecocivilisation (Part VI): Individuum

The Individuum

Wednesday 18th & 25th November at 15.00

(To be elaborated.)

Essay Competition

The participants are invited to share their vision and ideas on Ecocivilisation in a short essay paper, ideally, up to 2500 characters long and may not exceed 3500 characters (incl. spaces).

Alternatively, you can also choose two articles and briefly explain why they can help us understand future scenarios.

The best contributions will be published as a featured article in our CBA CONVERSATIONS section and possibly also discussed in Part II and III.

The winning authors will be awarded a free participation in one of our paying seminars of choice.

Language: English; other languages are also accepted, just write the title andan intro also in English. We will provide editing in agreement with the author.

Please, send your contributions to .

Webinar materials

Presentations of the speakers

(1) Ecocivilisation: Health through the Ecocivilisation concept – 16th September 2020

Violeta Bulc: View presentation

Bret Hart: View presentation

Dr. Barbara Hrovatin: View presentation

Dr. Margareth Hannah: View presentation

Jurij Giacomelli: View presentation


(2) Towards the Ecocivilisation (Part V): Communities


(3) Towards the Ecocivilisation (Part VI): Individuum

Recordings of the webinar

(1) Towards the Ecocivilisation (Part IV): Health